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2016-05-17 07:30 am

Fandom seeps over into real life

I blame fandom and AO3 for the fact that I'm watching NHL playoffs and deeply invested in the Penguins and Sidney Crosby's performance.
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2015-04-22 09:10 pm

Fanfic overlaps real world

Found myself watching the Penguins tonight in Stanley Cup playoff game. Will admit my sole interest in game comes from favorite authors writing Penguins RPF. Have that odd disconnect every time I see a player on the TV and try to connect the living human with the fannish construct.
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2015-02-17 06:40 pm


Was watching ESPN when hockey news came on and I actually started paying attention rather than tuning out the way I do for basketball, etc. It occurred to me that all I know about hockey comes from reading Hockey RPF on AO3, so watching on TV felt a bit like reading future fic and wondering how these headlines would be reflected in their character arcs.
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2014-11-23 08:25 am
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And it's a wrap

Mark has finally reached the end. It's been entertaining watching him discover Farscape, reminding me of why I fell in love with the show all those years ago. Go to Mark Watches Farscape to check out his commentary.
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2014-06-05 06:40 am

The next fandom

Realized I'm in a lull right now-- recent fannish interests have been the Avengers verse, but there have been a lot of stories in the past few years, and while CA:TWS has inspired new creativity, I've reached that stage of fandom where I'm cherrypicking favorite authors and the highly recced stories, rather than devouring everything.

Usually by the point my interest in one fandom is fading it's because another has taken it's place. (X-Files, Smallville, Harry Potter, The Sentinel, CSI, Stargate Atlantis, Dresden Files, Star Trek reboot, Sherlock BBC, etc. my interest in them waxed and waned.)

In the past there was often a mass migration, as when my favorite authors all jumped on the Smallville bandwagon, then Supernatural sucked many of them in. But like everything else, it seems things are fragmented these days, not only are people scattering to diverse fandoms, much of the activity is taking place on Tumblr or other social network sites that I'm not keeping track of.

Guess this means more time to read paper books. And to wait and see what will be the next new thing to pique my interest.
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2014-02-22 08:07 am
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Blast from the past

So lovely to log on this morning and see kudos for my Farscape story "24 Hour Pass" which is up on the AO3 archive. It's nice to know that there are still Farscape fans out there, and hard to believe that it's been thirteen years since I wrote that story. The original internet archives where I posted it have long since gone to their digital graves, so it's great to have a place like AO3 where even lesser known fandoms can find homes.
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2013-12-18 05:11 pm

All I want for Christmas

Well, this isn't all, but Tom Hiddleston would make an awesome start.
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2013-10-16 04:38 pm

So pretty!

Watching baseball on Fox last night I was treated to commercials for Almost Human, starring Karl Urban. Damn he's pretty.
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2013-07-22 01:32 pm

New anthology project-- Team Humans or Team Aliens, who will win?

Friends are running a kickstarter for a steampunk anthology: Clockwork Universe-- Steampunk versus Aliens which will include stories by Bradley Beaulieu, Caitlin Kittredge, Gail Z. Martin, Gini Koch, Ian Tregillis, Seanan McGuire, and Scott Lynch. Basic premise is that when the aliens arrive, they face off against a steampunk, Jules Verne-type Earth. Still haven't decided if I'm on Team Humans or not, I suppose it depends on how many of them look like Daniel Craig :-)

The anthology will be the first book from Zombies Need Brains LLC, a small press founded to release anthologies of original short fiction. It's got the coolest name ever for a small press, and I hope they succeed. Visit the link above to check out the project.
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2013-05-24 09:41 am

Fanfic, the gateway drug

For the first time in my life, I am paying attention to the NHL finals leading up to the Stanley Cup. Not enough where I'm watching games, but when I see a news article, I'll click on it.

I blame all the talented authors who decided to write Hockey RPF for the fact that I recognize the names of the teams and the major players. Though I'm pretty sure that 99% of the players aren't gay in the actual NHL....
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2013-05-10 07:08 am

Iron Man 3

I've finally seen Iron Man 3, so it's now safe to go back on the intranets. Great movie-- not as astonishing as the first Iron Man, naturally, but that said, it was great, and wiped away the bitter taste of IM2.

Having avoided Twitter because most of my friends saw the movie opening weekend and were gleefully posting their reactions, I'm really looking forward to something like this being available Teen develops Twivo, a Twitter app to block spoilers.
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2013-03-14 10:18 am


Very happy to see the success of the Veronica Mars kickstarter. But I can't help thinking that if we'd had Kickstarter back in the Farscape days, the show would still be on the air :-)
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2013-02-13 09:06 am

Die Hard

Wondering how many responses I would get if I posted an entry on that said "Looking for partner who agrees that going to see the new Die Hard movie is the perfect way to spend Valentine's Day."

Of course to be absolutely perfect, after seeing the movie we would then have to adjourn to discuss the movie in depth over ice cream or alcohol, including the potential fanfic pairings and story arcs.
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2012-10-02 06:41 am

Fandoms I have known

As often happens, I've lost my taste for a certain fandom and have stopped reading all but the most highly recommended fics. Which got me to wondering about how many fandoms I've passed through in the years.

Farscape was my first adult fandom-- I fell in love with the show and when trying to connect with other fans online I discovered internet fannish life. Remember bulletin boards, listservs and onelist? And how everything was stored on individual websites, and you had to request passwords for access?

Farscape was a tiny fandom, and the best authors were active in other fandoms, so as I followed them my interests grew. I think X-Files was my next online fandom, but a dozen years later it's hard to recall, so I'm trying to put together a list. I'm sure this is incomplete, but it's a start.

Fandoms that I followed compulsively:
Farscape (also wrote stories in this fandom)
Sentinel (saw only one episode but was heavily into fandom)
Stargate Atlantis
Buffy / Angel
CSI - Las Vegas and Miami. For some reason, New York never clicked.
Criminal Minds
Hawaii 5-0
Sherlock (BBC)
Suits (again, watched one episode, fandom interests entirely online)
White Collar
Star Trek (primarily reboot)
Avengers Universe (started with Iron Man, now the Avengers movieverse)
Dresden Files (also wrote stories in this fandom)
Harry Potter

Fandoms where I read some of the fic, usually if it was heavily rec'ed or written by a favorite author:
Forever Knight
Highlander (TV)
Due South
Stargate SG-1
Red Dragon universe (Lecter/Graham)

Then, of course, for some writers I'll read any fandom they've written, which is how I found myself reading Hockey RPF, The Social Network, etc.
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2012-03-06 09:41 am

Do you remember when?

Had a moment of nostalgia yesterday when I saw that the Smallville Slash Archive had been archived over on AO3. I remember when Smallville first aired, and how the fandom went from 0 to 60 before the first commercial break :-)

Also had to finally clean up my Yahoo groups subscriptions. Anyone else old enough to remember when fandom was organized by group mailing lists, first in Onelist then in Yahoo, back in the pre-livejournal days?

And yes, I remember listservs, though they were on the decline when I discovered online fandom.
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2011-05-02 07:22 am
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Dogs don't know it's not bacon

Finally picked up a copy of DARK AND STORMY KNIGHTS over the weekend and read EVEN HAND, which so many had raved about. The Marcone POV was brilliant, but reading it felt like reading fanfic, even though Butcher's name was on the title page. If it had been online, I'd have been looking for a button to send feedback on how well the Marcone portrayal matched my own inner vision :-)
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2011-04-12 01:09 pm
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More Dresden Files fic. I swear I can quit anytime I want to....

I've written two more fics inspired by the Dresden Files kink meme, and have just uploaded them to AO3. They are two very different stories-- one dark and angsty while the other is pure crack.

An injured Dresden unwittingly reveals a piece of his past. (Angst). Approx 3K words.

Tech Support
John Benedict (aka Johnny Marcone) is ComputerCottage's newest service technician. Harry Dresden is his most challenging customer. (Alternate universe, crack, humor). Approx 6K words.
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2011-04-10 08:24 am
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Family Comes First, a Dresden Files story

My kink meme response "Family Comes First" has been posted on my shiny new AO3 account. You can find the story here.

Summary: At a funeral for one friend, John Marcone discovers that another is still very much among the living.

And don't forget to check out to read the other wonderful stories that are being posted.
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2011-04-04 08:49 am
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Family Comes First (Dresden Files story)

My kink meme response "Family Comes First" has been posted on my shiny new AO3 account. You can find the story here.

Summary: At a funeral for one friend, John Marcone discovers that another is still very much among the living.

And don't forget to check out to read the other wonderful stories that are being posted.
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2011-04-02 08:21 pm

Whee, off the wagon

Just committed my first bit of fanfic in several years. *shakes fist at Dresden kink meme*

After reading all the other great responses, I felt inspired to do one of my own. At some point I'll de-anon and post it up on AO3.